Private Coaching Packages


The Space Between Here & There

Less focused on the past than therapy, coaching is about assessing what's going on in your life right now, getting clear on exactly what you want, and helping you not only map the path to close the gap, but support you with tools, strategy, mentorship, accountability, and encouragement every step of the way. 


There are three primary medicines I bring into our coaching work:

1. PERMISSION: You don't need my permission to do things your own way, to trust your gut, or to create exactly what you want for your life. But. So often my clients tell me that working with me makes them feel like they have permission to do those things, when they didn't feel like they had it before. When we work together you will feel permission to do it your own way.


2. TRUST: I trust you, I trust myself, I trust my medicine, I trust your medicine, I trust the unfolding. I trust that your vision is possible, and I hold that trust for you all the time, even (especially) during the wobbly times when you aren't quite able to trust it yourself. In the moments where you might otherwise buckle or waiver from self-doubt, I have trust to spare.


3. EASEFUL ACTION: A common reflection I get from clients is that I make the big audacious dream feel practical and actionable. I make the huge dream project feel manageable and possible.
I'm able to help take the big ideas out of your head and put them into a practical plan that you can move forward on, even when you've been stuck in "idea phase" for years.


I merge these essential medicines with skilled, trained coaching questions, NLP, somatic techniques for nervous system regulation, mindset and energetic support, 2 decades of business acumen, big sis mentorship, and a shit ton of intuition. 


Business Coaching & Mentorship

$15,000 for 6 months
(up to 9-month payment plans available)


This coaching experience grows with you, supporting and sustaining your next level of business and personal growth. Every coaching relationship is different, and 1:1 work isn't like a group program or course. Your coaching container will be bespoke to you, and is built around your unique needs and circumstances.

Every package has the same basic components, but for more clarity on what your package would look like, book a discovery call below and we'll discuss your needs.


The Container
  • 3 60-90 minute zoom calls per month to get targeted on strategy, planning, nervous system or somatic support, mindset work, and whatever else is needed to help you create the outcomes you desire.
  • Voxer voice & text support between calls.
  • Ongoing support with launch planning, branding, copywriting, design, and systems throughout our container.  I am your partner during this process and work with you to bring your vision to fruition.


Big Value Bonuses
  • Access to my business coaching membership, The Elemental Entrepreneurship Coven, is included. This gives you additional access to twice monthly group coaching, tons of business courses to support your learning, and the Coven community. ($1608 value)
  • All live events, workshops, courses, and masterclass I teach during our container are automatically included. (up to $10k value)



“I feel like I have a solid foundation now”

Cera is a really wonderful coach. She has so much knowledge, and she knows how to transmit it. She helped me address a lot of the aspects of my business that I was afraid of or frustrated by that I kept dropping the ball on. I feel like I have a solid foundation now to be able to move forward without so much worry or avoidance. I tend to be the space holder in my work and relationships, and it takes a lot for me to trust someone to hold space for me. From the beginning, I fully trusted Cera in that role. One of the things I really appreciate about her is that she doesn't gloss over anything. I worked with her in regards to my business, but we also dove into the personal and emotional sphere and how that was impacting my business and my life. As someone who really values diving deep into those areas, it was so nice to have someone help me through some of the sticky spots I wasn't able to traverse on my own.” - Susan Frankovich


NSA Coaching

$1234/month, no longterm commitment


No Strings Attached Coaching is all the support you need, only for as long as you need it. I
believe that every entrepreneur deserves access to high quality coaching support, even if you aren't looking to commit to a long-term contract.


The Container
  • 2 60-90 minute Zoom sessions per month
  • Voxer voice & text support between calls
  • Ongoing support with launch planning, branding, copywriting, design, and systems throughout our container. 


The Process

You can book NSA Coaching online at any time. When you book for your first month, you are only committed for that month. You can cancel at any time with 30 days notice. This can be perfect if you need support for a specific project, building or executing a launch, or going through a particularly challenging situation for which you need support.



“Cera made it feel doable,
because she knew it was...”

Part of choosing ME was really letting my fears of running a business subside. I come from a family with nothing but failed businesses under their entrepreneurial belts....
The mistakes of my ancestors don't define my success and ability to see my purpose unfold.

Starting [my business] was a BIG dream. I had started with some 1:1 students a few years prior to coaching with Cera. It was too purposeful to ignore, the results the students were getting were too loud to let fear win. I HAD to make this a REAL SCHOOL.

Cera made it feel doable. Because she knew it was. She wasn't holding my same fears or programming. She cut through the bullshit. She knew I could do it, even when I was scared.
Shit. I'm gonna cry typing this!

The Un•Earth School of Magick is WILDLY successful....

I love you, CERA! Thanks for taking me on as a 1:1 client.


Elemental Coaching Day

$2499, or 2 payments $1249.50


Imagine accomplishing in 1 day what would usually take you 3 months to complete.
That's what we do in an Elemental Coaching Day.
This is dedicated time to focus on the most impactful areas of your business. You can use your day to help you create a marketing plan and messaging pillars, map out a course curriculum, plan a rebrand, rebuild your offer suite, or anything else that is most pressing for you and your business right now.


The Container

An Elemental Coaching day is a 6 hour private coaching experience. It can be done in person in LA (travel not included), or over Zoom. If working via Zoom, the time can be split over 2 days.


The Process
  • The process begins with a 45 minute strategy session to get clear and focused on exactly what needs to be accomplished during your day.
  • I may send you worksheets, videos, or other work to complete in preparation for our day.
  • We will meet either in person or on zoom at the date & time agreed upon.
  • Afterwards all notes, recordings, and materials generated during our Coaching day will be sent to you.
  • As a BONUS you will receive 2 weeks of voxer support for questions and integration following your Coaching Day.



“Her advisement was both practical and magical...”


I've had a full day to let myself settle from my session with Cera. I'm still not sure if I have the words to fully express my gratitude for her skill, time, compassion, and ability to catch the parts of me that had fallen through the cracks.

She helped me craft my business mission as well as connect with my north star principles. She gave me accessible tools to aid me in moments when I have forgotten myself, my mission, and my goals.

I feel uplifted on multiple levels. I am reminded of all the work I have done already. How simple and delicious and joyful this can all be. Her advisement was both practical and magical. The clarity I gained in those few hours were life changing and I am now confident in my next moves along this path I am creating for myself. I don't feel like I'm creating it alone now.

She is a phenomenal space holder for healing and growth. She has the ability to assist while cultivating agency.

I'm excited about continuing to work with her as I craft my life.

Thank you Cera!


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