Hey Love, I'm Hannah!

An entrepreneur, writer & life coach.


I'm dedicated to... finish the sentence with an inspiring statement that gives them an idea of what your brand is all about.

This is the perfect place for your authority bio, either from a first or third-person point of view. I know that you already provided a few lines on your home page and showcased some of your authority but this is the place where you really drive it home.

You can start with your personal origin story that led you to this point. That would include where you were born and raised. Lessons you learn at a young age and/or your dreams growing up.

Or you could dive straight into your experience and accomplishments. Provide your years of experience, your education, or your self-taught background.

Trust me, years of YouTube videos or self-taught training counts as well. Especially if you were able to produce outstanding results on a consistent basis.

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"Add one your action-grabbing quotes or higlight a statement from below. Standout lines are meant to give the reader important info about you at a quick glance."


Continue your origin story or bio here. Then start to showcase your authority and provide some credibility factors like content, press, or platforms you’ve been featured on separate from your keynote events that will be featured in the section below. Lastly, finish with an encouraging statement and a strong sign-off.

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xoxo, Hannah

I do it because I love it...


I Believe In Your Success!


Discuss your big WHY in this section. Add your heartfelt or powerful why statement or story that allows your customers to connect and sympathize with you. 

This is where you share your mission and give a clear vision of your purpose. Let them know what makes you and your brand different, unique, and special from your competition.

Cover why you started your business? Were you a busy mom motivated to change lives or are you a single woman completely focused on building an empire and driven to teach other women how to do the same.

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"Add your mission statement or your favorite slogan here."

My Signature Method


The Name Of Your Signature Method Goes Here


Talk all about how you developed your method. Give a little information about what it is, and the top result it offers your clients and/or students. You only have to mention one key result here because you are going to go into much more detail on the course or service landing page.

This section can link back to your online course page or your signature course/service page, it is completely up to you. Toffee jelly lollipop sesame snaps croissant. Chocolate bar toffee candy canes sweet roll soufflé topping sugar plum. 

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Come and Learn


The Name Of Your Keynote Goes Here


Include why you love speaking at keynotes and the impact you enjoy making in people's lives. Discuss who and where you've had the opportunity to speak. This is where you want to include additional credibility factors.

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Are you interested in my informative Keynote topics?


Grab A Copy




This is a great time to talk about your book/ebook or an upcoming one. Since this is your about page, discuss why you wrote the book. If you prefer you can just add a short book summary.

I've included the book's image Canva template for easy use. If you don't have a book, then anything else you would like to include can go here. Tart macaroon powder pudding jelly beans.

Available Now In Barnes & Nobles


Complete the following sentence "Looking for... I've got you covered." This section links back to your home page's offers sections. Candy canes tart candy powder cake pie tiramisu sugar plum. Macaroon bonbon carrot cake.