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Please note that all our business courses are included in The Elemental Entrepreneurship Coven, so if you know you want all of them, and your'e looking for the most bang for your buck, Coven is the place to be!

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Boundaries Made Simple

The Art Of Saying Yes Less


This is our signature course on boundaries. So many people say they struggle to say no, or feel guilty when they don't say yes to peoples requests. If you feel like saying no stresses you out, you over-function in relationships, you worry that if you say no people will be mad at you, this is the course for you. Pay what you can.




Launching Demystified

Elemental Launch Alchemy


So many people talk about online launching...but what is it? How do you plan, organize, and execute a digital launch for a program or service, without overwhelming yourself, stressing yourself out, or feeling like you have to be on your phone 24/7?

Launch Alchemy is exactly what you need. This framework will walk you step by step through creating every single piece of content you need for a highly converting launch.




Create Your Curriculum



If you have a 1:1 program or service, and you know you could save time, serve more people, and make more money if you offered a group program or course format, but you don't know how to turn your work into a curriculum that get's results outside a 1:1 format, this is the course for you. 

Cera comes to coaching with a 20 year teaching background, and brings years of training on curriculum design, teaching, and how student's learn to this program that walks you, step by step, through building your group program or course.


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Each course should be taken at your own pace. Review the material and videos, complete your workbooks and attend LIVE Q&As, if possible.

Step 3. Achieve Your Goals

My goal is to help you surpass yours. We are here to assist you via email, chat, and LIVE Q&A. We believe in your success and know you will succeed.


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