How Can You Use Elemental Entrepreneurship® To Grow Your Creative Small Business? creative entrepreneurship element: air element: earth element: fire element: spirit element: water entrepreneurship how to Nov 12, 2023

Are you ready to start, scale, and blossom in your creative small business?

In our latest Youtube video, we dive into our signature format for teaching business, Elemental Entrepreneurship®, and how it can revolutionize your approach.


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Building A Business is Shadow Work. artists creative entrepreneurship element: water emotional blocks healing shadow work Feb 04, 2023

You’ve probably heard the saying “relationships are a mirror.”

What that means is that being close to people reveals you to yourself. Reflected in your responses and reactions to a partner or close person you see your old wounds,...

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There Are Some Things I Just Can't Do By Myself element: water emotional blocks entrepreneurship Feb 04, 2023

There are some things I'm just not going to attempt to do myself.
For example...electrical. Plumbing.
Engine repair.

I'm totally comfortable admitting it when, say, something is broken in my car that I can't fix it myself, and hiring an expert who...

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