What's better than a 6 figure year?

Dec 29, 2023

6 figure years are the goal for so many of us...and they're a fantastic goal. 6 figure years are great.

But here's what I think is even better...

It's still December of 2023, and 2024 is already a 6 figure year in my business, even if I don't sell another. Single. Thing.
(But, of course, I'm going to.)

I spent 20 years freelance/gig hustling on a terrifying income roller coaster, never knowing where my next check was going to come from.
I paid my rent and bills on the 1st and then started hustling my face off to come up with the money to do it again next month.

It was exhausting in a soul way.


Freedom from the income rollercoaster is what I’m talking about when I say your business isn’t what you do, a business is a machine that makes money for you.


Creating products with payment plans and monthly recurring revenue is how you create income stability for yourself, which allows you to be able to plan for the future and relax knowing what you’re going to make next month, and 3 months after that, and 3 months after that.

(Jobs aren’t the only thing that can provide consistency, you can do that for yourself.)


2023 isn’t over yet and I already know that between pre-sales, payment plans, and monthly payments, I have 6 figures rolling in over 2024.


Here’s a way to create this in your own business:

Stop trading time for money and start making DARES.

DARES are products that are...

and Scaleable.

(Not every offer has to be all 5, but the more of them you hit, the more freedom that offer can create for you.)
Add DARES to your product suite and watch as your time freedom and bottom line increase exponentially.

And if you need help transitioning off of the income roller coaster, or building a business that can replace the consistency of your day job — I got you.


Here are the 2 ways we can work together in 2024:


1. We can work together privately in Best Year Yet, my yearlong coaching & mentorship program.
This is the best option if you want to go deep on a truly customized transformation, with the highest level of support (3 one-on-one calls per month, voxer support, my partnership on everything you create in your business all year long). 
If this is where you feel you'd thrive, download all the details and apply now.


2. You can join my membership, The Elemental Entrepreneurship Coven. The Coven contains every piece of information you need to build and scale a heart-centered business to 6 figures, along with 2x monthly group coaching & monthly workshops, plus the most amazing community of new creative entrepreneur friends you could possibly ask for.
Right now when you join Coven you save hundreds of dollars, so if this is the spot for you, JOIN NOW.


And if you're not sure what the best fit would be, contact me and feel free to ask me any questions, I'm happy to help you find the right fit.



Big Love (for your changes, big and small),



PS. Doors for Best Year Yet close 1/1. Doors for the Coven secret sale close 1/3. Act now =)

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