Jobs Aren't ACTUALLY Certain

creative entrepreneurship emotional blocks entrepreneurship Apr 07, 2023

I think we get "certainty" all wrong.

See, people say entrepreneurship is uncertain, but here's what's certain about a job:

  Your salary is your salary, it will increase incrementally, if at all.

  That company you work for that puts so much pressure on you to go above and beyond — that says "we're like a family" — will lay you off without hesitation if it serves their bottom line.

  You have to ask permission for time off/vacation/to be sick.

  You're expected to do things the way the company says to do them, even if their procedures don't make sense to you, and you can see a better way.

  Your labor ultimately creates profit for someone else —  you work hard and someone else collects the bag, and the credit.

  If you need more money you have to get a side hustle, 2nd job, cut your spending, or try to go get a new job with higher pay.


And we call this "security."
We call this control.
We call it certainty.




We know capitalism is inherently patriarchal & paternalistic.

As "workers" we can't create for ourselves or define our own terms.
We rely on Big Daddy Corporation to take care of us.

The institution provides safety, legitimacy, and comfort. The Boss provides.

We bend ourselves to their will, out of fear of having our earnings stripped away.

"Please may I have Friday off to take my kid to the doctor?"

"Please may I be paid as much as my male/white counterpart for the same job?"

"Please may I leave when my work is finished, rather than punch a clock?"

Oh no. Oh no. Oh no no no no no.


I think this is because we've confused consistency for certainty.

We allow ourselves to be lulled by the consistency of knowing we're going to get the same amount of money at specific intervals. And for that consistency many of us trade a lot.

I decided at 18 it wasn't for me & haven't looked back since.

As a business owner...

✅  If I want time off I take it.

✅  If I need more money I sell something.

✅  100% of my earnings go to ME, and I decide how to reinvest them into my company.

✅  I cant ever be fired, no matter what.

The only person who determines what's possible for me as a business owner is ME.
And I trust myself to fight for my best interests more than I'll ever trust someone else's company to take care of me.

I trust myself to do whatever it takes.

If I'm going to work either way, why wouldn't I choose work on my own terms, add to MY bottom line and serve MY needs and interests first?

That's the only choice that makes sense to me.

Then again, entrepreneurs are born rebels, questioners.

We hate doing things an old stale way just because "this is how it's always been done."

We place freedom, self determination, and innovation above comfort, obedience, or conformity. 

We're willing to take more risks and endure more uncertainty and "failure" in the process of getting to our goals.

Does this sound like you, too?


If it does, you may be a natural entrepreneur, too. Born different. Less risk-averse then the average person. A bit of an outlier.


It takes bravery, non-conformity, and a bit of wildness to decide to forgo consistency in order to forge your own path, to create your own certainty.


And I love that for us.




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