What Is Cord Cutting (and how do you know when you need to do it)?

element: spirit Nov 05, 2023

Everything is energy.

Our homes, pets, other humans, nature itself, everything has a unique energetic signature that we connect with through energetic cords. 

When we enter into a relationship, whether it is with family, friend, lover, colleague, client, customer, someone we interact with in passing (or even, I think, with a business), we develop energetic cords between us.

It helps to think of energetic cords as an open channel of emotional communication or connection.


To be clear, energetic cords aren’t bad. They help us to form connection and understanding with one another.

When we're connected with someone or something energetically, we perceive on a much deeper level and have the ability to tune into their energy.  (This is how you can “tell” when a loved one across the country is in distress without speaking to them.)


Energetic cords can be beautiful and beneficial.

But (you know the but was coming)...

As we all know, interpersonal connections can also be sources of stress or a drain, keeping us trapped in limiting patterns through conscious or unconscious dynamics.


Typically cord removal or cord cutting is performed to help us separate from a romantic relationship or friendship ending.

But we can also form attachments to people, places, objects, and even beliefs or thought patterns that we may have chosen for a good reason at one point, but have since become detrimental to our well-being.


The cords can be with stories we tell ourselves about our place in the world, or what we believe is possible for us.

A cord can be with a disappointing experience you had in the past with a creative collaboration, or with a bunch of strangers in your instagram comments.

It can be with a client relationship that went left, or a contract you thought would come through that disappeared at the last minute, leaving you confused and spinning out.



How These Cords Show Up...

Have you ever held yourself back from posting something because you had a pang of remembering “what happened that one time” or wondering what that one person might think or say if they saw it?

Or maybe held yourself back from really devoting yourself to your business, raising your prices, or creating a new offering, because you keep going back to something said to you by a former mentor or colleague that makes you doubt that what you want is possible.

(Yeah...those are cords.)


Anytime there’s a situation that you find yourself coming back to over and over emotionally or mentally, ruminating on why things happened the way they did, please believe, there’s an energetic cord.


So What Is Cord Removal?

Cord cutting (or cord removal as I practice it) is a process that allows us to detach these cords, unhook from draining or unhealthy emotional ties, and free ourselves from relational patterns that squander our mental and emotional energy, or pull us away from what we want in the future.

Cord removal clears away emotional obstructions consciously and/or unconsciously limit us. 

When we remove negative cords of attachment, it allows us to grow into more evolved states.

The practice of cord removal helps to us recover energy that has is being drained by past experiences and connections that have served their purpose, and re-establish healthy energetic boundaries.

It is very healthy to cut cords regularly.

If we go through life continually accumulating connections from every past thought, action and experience without periodically clearing some out, we get weighed down from carrying it all.

Just like clearing out your closet every now and then of clothes that no longer suit you to make space for new items, cord removal is like energetic clean up for your spiritual and emotional hygiene.

Cutting energetic cords helps us to move forward without carrying the weight of the past.

It frees us to move on with lightness and openness, vs carrying the burden of past disappointments or regrets.



How Do I Know If I Need To Remove Cords?

Oftentimes, even long after a relationship or situation has passed, we maintain energetic cords.

They can be so subtle that we don’t even know that they’re there.
But, an accumulation of cords from many people, places, objects, or situations, can deplete our energy over time, and creates an energy deficit.


Signs It’s Time To Remove Cords In Your Business:

  • Depleted energy levels, lack of motivation for your business
  •  Feelings of lethargy, depression, unexplained sadness, or malaise about your business
  •  Feeling ‘stuck’ or unable to make decisions
  •  Obsessive thoughts about a person, situation, or negative “what if's”
  •  Speaking about a person, people, past situation, or negative “what if” often, either in a judgmental way, or just to recap your negative retelling of events
  •  Lowered immune function, getting sick often
  •  Avoidance or freeze patterns related to taking action in your business
  •  Unhealthy habits and addictive behaviors/ seeking to “numb out” with negative coping mechanisms



If you recognize yourself in any of these, or even if you just want to lighten your energetic load, make sure you join us on 11/11 at 11am for the Business Cord Removal Ritual.


I’ll be guiding you through a cord removal process that will help you release any and all past energetic ties that may be weighing you down in your business, so that you can take empowered steps toward what you want to create in 2024.


Register Here.


See you there,




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