Do you feel like no matter how much you level up, you still have to hustle, grind, and do the most?


If you feel like the stress, hustle, and struggle follows you no matter how much you do or achieve, you may have a secret addiction to doing things the hard way.


Hear me out...

You have The Vision…

🔮 The six or seven figure business that you’re running from your dream home. 

🔮 The leisurely soft morning in which you drink a picturesque coffee on a picturesque balcony while writing in your picturesque journal with a just-so pen. 

🔮 You look out over your gorgeous view, delighted to step into a day filled with dream clients, followed by a stunning yoga class, a meditation, a dinner with the love of your life, drinks with friends full of crinkle-eyed laughter. 

🔮 A relaxed nervous system and a fortune in investments and savings. 

🔮 A business where you work 20 hours a week and spend the rest of your time living life exactly the way you want to.

…It’s all just so damn Instagram worthy.

 But in your day-to-day… 


🙅‍♀️ You're drastically over giving and under charging. 

🙅‍♀️ You’re spotty in your marketing, making things harder and more stressful for yourself by working in fits and starts. 

🙅‍♀️ Come to think of it, are you marketing, or just endlessly coming up with new offers and new ideas, toiling away on Canva, half heartedly posting, and giving up before anything really gets going? 

🙅‍♀️ Are you terrified to “leave anyone out” in your offers or your marketing because you just wanna help everyone so damn much?

🙅‍♀️ Feel your stomach drop into your butt at the thought that anyone might ever hear your prices and say “I can’t afford it?”

😬 Do you know deep down that your work is good… but then slip into bouts of extreme self-doubt — partially because you’re not getting the results you want —  and start to feel like your potential for greatness is haunting you? 

😬 Do you struggle to believe that you’re worthy of the higher ticket sales, the raving fans, the committed clients who buy as soon as you drop a new offer? 

😬 Do you fill your schedule with busywork, and stress and overwork yourself even when you don’t need to, struggling to say no to any gig or offer out of scarcity around when the next one will come?

😬 Do you struggle to set work aside at the end of the day day because you feel like “it shouldn’t be allowed to be that easy,” especially when "other people have to work so hard"? 


If so… 

No matter how soft you want your life to be,
you may have a nervous system wired to doing things the hard way. 


And it’s time to change that.

I regularly get told that I have a magical life. 


That I’m “doing it right.
That I’m “living the good life.” 

When I tell people about what my life is like, I frequently hear “Well, that’s lucky” or “That’s easy for you because you make so much money.” 

But I want you to know it’s not luck, it’s design.

And it wasn’t until I made very specific and intentional changes to the way I related to time, money, and labor that I was able to finally break through my income ceiling, and begin to make consistent six figure years in my small business. 

(In fact, just a couple years before my first six figure year, I had an 8k year.)

I created my spacious life and 6 figure business without ads. I did it without a big team. I did it without a ton of strategy. 


When I made my first six figures, I didn’t even have a website. 

What created the breakthrough I’d been dreaming of was designing my business very intentionally around what I wanted my life to be like — and building it before I had the clients or the money.

This is what allowed me to have my first six figure year, and to maintain it year after year.


And while making consistent six figures years is delightful, that isn’t what makes me feel rich

The money isn’t what makes my life, or my business, so soft.

Soft Biz is about 
time and choice.

And this is exactly what I’ll be helping you achieve in…

Soft Biz Era

A 6 week group coaching program to help you heal your secret addiction to doing it the hard way, to reveal your softest, most easeful, and richest life possible.


JULY 1st - AUGUST 9th, 2024

Live Coaching Calls: Mondays, 10am-12pm
Replays available within 24 hours



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The #girlboss era of online business was just hustle culture in a wide brimmed hat.

Constantly online. Launch after launch after launch. Churn out programs and promises faster than Shein churns out $8 knock off fashions.
Money and follower count over everything.
Businesses popping up and shutting down just as fast, as the owners burnt themselves out prioritizing rapid growth over resourced nervous systems.
Advertise luxury, but behind the scenes it's the struggle-life business as usual.

Enter, the #softlifeera

(thank you, Nigerian influencers for coining the term):

The rejection of strength and work ethic as your sole identity.


Your soft life is particular to you.

As long as you're rejecting struggle, stress, and hustle as your main mode of being,
and opting instead for prioritizing joy and experiences that light you up AND position you for the time and financial freedom you desire, then you're in it.

It’s about prioritizing your joy first, which means leaning into the aspects of your work you genuinely love.

It’s not anti-work; it's pro setting boundaries where you need them, so you feel more joy, gratification, and fulfillment in your life overall.

I know so many entrepreneurs who are trying to cultivate a #softlife at home...
but are still bringing #girlboss grind and hustle to their business.

But you can't grind your way into a soft life.

 You can't spend hours a day stressed, overworking, undercharging, over-giving, obsessing over numbers and sales and metrics, and expect the result to be your softest, most abundant life and business. The sneaky blindspot here is that you’re working so hard to earn a soft business and a soft life…but that’s not how it works.

If you're an entrepreneur, your #softlifeera must include your Soft BIZ Era.

Leading your business in a way that prioritizes your pleasure, your highest excitement, your biggest, boldest ideas. Your joy. Your simplicity. Your ease. 

A business where your primary decision-making criteria is "will this feel good for me?"


Create it now.

Soft Biz Era

A 6 week group coaching program to help you heal your secret addiction to doing it the hard way, to reveal your softest, most easeful, and richest life possible.


JULY 1st - AUGUST 9th, 2024

Live Coaching Calls: Mondays, 10am-12pm
Replays available within 24 hours



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 My Soft Biz is structured entirely around how I want to spend my days. 


✨ Waking up with no alarm. Mornings dedicated to movement, journaling, meditation, and reading.

✨ Working exclusively with clients I love.

✨ Afternoons sitting in adorable cafes, dreaming up programs, offers, and creative work that excites me.

✨ Evenings relaxing at home with my cats, cooking and listening to podcasts in the hot tub. 

✨ Friday’s spent on the beach.

This is my Soft Biz approach.
My business is built around me.

Yours will look different, because yours will be built around you.

You get to choose.

What does your dream life and business look like? 


You’re already holding The Vision.

I’m here to help you start living it now.


Join Now

You’ll find that when you begin to embody and accept a life of ease, support, and receiving,
and revel in living it, 
✨ you become magnetic to clients,
your income explodes, 
and you realize ✨ 
everything you believed about money coming from hard work was wrong. 

Over the six weeks of the Soft Biz Era container we will... 

🌷 meet weekly for hot seat group coaching to help you move through every mindset block and nervous system disrupt that’s preventing you from creating your very own Soft Biz, and living your softest life ever. 

There is no curriculum, this is not a course — this space is entirely dedicated to your inner work.

🌷 you'll gain exclusive access to the Soft Biz Era private podcast feed, delivering you short downloads of inspirational ideas, new concepts to ponder, and questions to answer that will help you tap into the mindset and new paradigm that your Soft Biz Era will require. 

🌷 you will receive journal prompts to help you do self-inquiry and self discovery on these concepts and begin to reshape your new Soft Biz beliefs. 






🌷 connect with your SoftBizBesties in our private Telegram group, to discuss your breakthroughs, encourage, witness, and support one another. 






Your #SoftBizEra doesn’t have to be a “someday” that you only achieve after you make $100,000 (or a million). 

You can have it right now. 

Your income and impact goals are so much closer than you know —and they drop in fast when you unlearn the patterns that compel you to attempt to grind and hustle your way there.

Your next level of income, impact, joy, and inspiration are in reach when you embody the leaning back, receiving, and focusing on what feels good to you that are the missing piece in your current business strategy.

I'm Ready NOW!

Contrary to popular belief, having a soft life isn't about having a ton of money. I'm not saying you don't need money... but you don’t need it first.


Back when I was still grinding my face off, accepting every client that came my way even if they weren’t a fit, undercharging, working all hours, taking every gig I could possibly get out of scarcity, I thought there was no way I could opt into a softer life yet


In order to change things, I had to recognize that I was telling myself a story (a story you may be telling yourself, as well)…

“I can’t change the way I’m doing things until I have more money.” 


More money was always the answer. 


I believed…

“I can work less when I have more money. 

 I can charge more when I have more money. 

 I can turn down nightmare clients when I have more money. 

 I can be more deliberate about my schedule when I have more money.” 


I felt like I had to prove myself in my business, in my industry, in my community, in my vocation, in the world. I felt like I had to prove myself before I would be allowed to live life on my own terms. 

But no matter how hard I worked, I never could never prove enough to myself to give myself a break.

Maybe you can relate...

A lot of inner work went into unpacking these beliefs so that I could finally recognize that I didn’t go into business for myself to replicate the conditions of a shitty job. 

And neither did you.
Having a business isn’t about working yourself to the bone.


Your Soft Biz Era is about becoming very intentional about your time, your energy, your boundaries, and choosing to prioritize a life that is focused on pleasure, joy, and ease — even when stress, hustle, and overwork are available (because let’s be honest, they’re always available).

And this program is going to help you do just that — quickly.

This program isn't about theory, it's about embodiment.

You will dramatically change who you're being in your business. And when you change who you're being, new results are inevitable and happen fast.

Stepping into your Soft Biz Era...

...Is inner work, first and foremost. 

Your Soft Biz Era is waiting for you on the other side of purposefully peeling back all of the layers of deep beliefs and internalized capitalism, secret addictions to hustle, being driven by stress, and defining yourself entirely by how hard you work. 

When all of that is stripped away and remade, you will be able to truly step into your Soft Biz Era on an embodied level.

And you can do it now, before anything else in your business changes (in fact, this tends to be the very thing that
must change before you start seeing the results you’ve been dreaming of).

In this program you'll quickly recognize and shift the shit that's blocking you from allowing ease and receiving in your business, and your life. 

...Is available for you to step into right now. 

You’ve earned it. 

You’ve done enough. 

You’re good enough.

You are enough, right now, today. 


You deserve a business that is designed to support you, rather than the other way around. 

In Soft Biz Era, you'll begin to feel and experience this on a somatic level, vs. just knowing it intellectually.


I'll help you marry the strategy with the mindset, nervous system, and embodiment shifts
that will allow you to step into an entirely new reality of ease, pleasure, profit, and impact.

Soft Biz Era

A 6 week group coaching program to help you heal your secret addiction to doing it the hard way, to reveal your softest, most easeful, and richest life possible.


JULY 1st - AUGUST 9th, 2024

Live Coaching Calls: Mondays, 10am-12pm
Replays available within 24 hours



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(Save $50 when you pay in full!)  

3 Payments





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