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If you said, "Oh fuck, I cleared the board," then this event is for you!


Whether you were in a "gifted" program in school, or came by your perfectionistic, type-A, potentially neurospicy personality traits a different way, a lot of creatives relate heavy to this bingo board.


If you are talented, creative, and have gifts you want to share, but find yourself struggling to complete your creative projects and turn your gifts, skills, and talents into a profitable business, then you may be on what I'm calling...


The Former Gifted Kid To Struggling Entrepreneur Pipeline.


...and this free event is here to help!

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Day 1:

"The Cost Of Quitting — How To Get Over Perfectionism
So You Can Actually Start Making Money"  

An annoying hallmark all us former "gifted kids" seem to share
is that we expect ourselves to be 
really good at everything right away, 
and we want to be seen as being 
really good at things all the time...
to the point that it becomes a sort of aggressive perfectionism that
prevents us from 
taking risks, trying new things, and putting out our work
"It's just not good enough yet."

We're digging into this adooooorrable trait on Day 1, and discussing tools to dismantle it so that we can start not just making more progress, but enjoying more process.

Day 2:

Another delightful hangover from Former Gifted Kid life that blends perfectly with capitalism and hustle culture to create a delicious blend of crap-in-a-cup is the quandary of feeling like every new skill should come easily for us....but! 

Simultaneously feeling like things that come easily to us don't count (because obviously they must come easily for everyone, or be a fluke, or not be worth money.)

We rip this framework to bits on Day 2: "Why You're Resisting Ease In Your Business (and it's literally costing you thousands of dollars a month)."

Day 3:

One consistent trait of folks on The Former Gifted Kid To Struggling Entrepreneur Pipeline is that most of us have a secret vault of unfinished projects, abandoned hobbies, and million dollar ideas collecting dust on a google drive somewhere we lost the password to.

We're cracking open the vault today with The Secrets Of Moving From Idea To Execution (So You Can Actually Complete Shit & Sell It).


In this third and final installment in our series we're getting real about...ulp...execution.

And beyond execution, completion.

Between our overwhelming perfectionism, hyper-individualism, the ease with which our focus gets pulled by—oh look! squirrel! — how easily we're bored, and how quickly existential doom can set in on even the most innocuous of projects (also see: possible neurodivergence), it's really a wonder we get anything done at all.

Lack of follow-through erodes our self-esteem, and today we're putting an end to it!







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The Former Gifted Kid To Struggling Entrepreneur Pipeline

December 20th, 21st, & 22nd , 9-10am PST

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