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Click Here & Reserve Your Seat NOW!

In this live training you'll master the 3 critical ingredients every entrepreneur needs to go from overworked & underpaid creative to thriving successful CEO

This 3-day Accelerator is designed to help you monetize your brilliance and launch your heart-centered business.

Unlock the potential of your creative passion and turn it into a thriving business with this intensive 3-day event.

If you are determined to make 2024 the year you finally start your business; If you're ready to allow your gifts, skills, and talents to create a pathway for your financial abundance and control of your own schedule, I'm going to supply you with everything you need to jumpstart your success.


Master the 3 Core Ingredients required to create SCALABILITY in your business and FREEDOM in your life:


Day 1: Clarify & Commit

If you have a lot of things you're good at, a lot of interests, and multiple options of what you could turn into a business, or you're a freelancer or gig worker with a lot of skills, it can be challenging to figure out exactly what your business should be.
On Day 1 you're going to get crystal clear on how to package your magic into a business that makes sense, inspires, and excites you.


Day 2: Reveal Your Niche

Once you know what you're going to do, you have to know who you're going to do it for.
If you read tarot, are a coach, offer massage, teach yoga, do graphic design, or any other heart-centered service, it's easy to feel like niching is impossible, because your work could benefit anybody! And that's valid.
But a business must be clear on who it's marketing to in order to make money, and on Day 2 you're going to get clear on exactly that.


Day 3: How To Sell It

It's only a business when you're selling something! On Day 3 I'm going to tell you exactly how to reach your ideal clients and sell your offers.
No gatekeeping here, I'm going to tell you exactly what I've done, and what I help my clients do, to grow their businesses to 6 figures and beyond.

In Monetize Your Magic you will receive the exact tools and steps you need to turn your gifts, skills, and talents into a profitable heart-centered business.

No more "I don't know hows" holding you back.

You ready?

I'm Ready!