A free gift, from me to you!

If you're a small business owner you've probably heard a bazillion things about how to "attract your ideal clients" or "speak to your ideal clients."

And that can be through something direct and explicit, like an email, or Tiktok.
But it can also be energetic — in fact, sometimes we might be technically saying inviting words, but have very uninviting energy (imagine someone saying "you can come if you want" with their arms crossed over their chest and you'll feel the vibe). 

I created this meditation/guided hypnosis practice for myself, and I use it during all of my launches to help me tap into the energy of connection and loving invitation I want to bring to my interactions with potential customers.
An energy that doesn't just say, "Sure, I guess you can come if you want," but "Come over! I want to see you! I love it when you're here."

In this 30 minute guided meditation experience you will first connect with your ideal clients, wherever they are in the world, let them know you have something special and valuable to offer them, and then invite them in with your energy.

 It's powerful, it's moving, and it works!

Enjoy it with care, and be ready for people to start showing up from all corners, excited to connect with you!


- Cera,
Intuitive Edge Coaching LLC

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