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Remember how excited you felt when you made the decision to turn your passion into a business?

It was so fresh and new, and for maybe the first time ever, you felt like you knew what you were called to do.

On that day you felt like you’d decided what your business was going to be, what it was going to look like, and how it would change the world.

For that one day you decided...I get to make the rules.


Selling felt sleazy and terrifying…

Social media for business felt scammy, and you felt like you had to be on every app, 24/7 to be successful...

You constantly felt undervalued, with people constantly saying “sounds great, but I can’t afford it” - meanwhile coaches are telling you to raise your prices and “charge your worth”...
And systems? Organization? Contracts? Forget about it.

Everything about business just seems so overwhelming, and all the advice out there sounds terrible...you just want to do the thing you love and get paid!

Maybe you should quit.
Maybe you’e not actually as good at your craft as you thought you were.
Maybe you should go get 3 side-gigs until your business takes off….




Look — you’re amazing at what you do. Right now, we need to get you good at selling what you do and running a business that works for you.

Because that’s the only difference between you and "Boss Babe #48594" over there who may not be half as good as you at what you do, but is pulling in money hand over fist.

She’s running her business like a CEO. She’s invested in business skills, education, mindset work, and coaching behind getting her products to the market.

She’s taken purposeful steps to get the business side of her business dialed in (even if the product is just so-so).

It’s time you do the same.

Because you can do better. You can go bigger and you can make more money doing way less busy-work.

The very thing that makes you great at what you do is also what will make you great at business — it’s all about learning to integrate your creativity and intuition with a solid understanding of how to run a successful business.

With strategic education on building a sustainable foundation for your business, coaching and resources to enhance your emotional ability to withstand challenges and obstacles, structured quarterly and monthly guidance to help you take steps that continually move the needle forward in your business, and a community of fellow business witches determined to change the game (without losing themselves in the process), The Elemental Entrepreneurship Coven will help you become a confident, competent, heart-centered CEO.

Step into a world where we take big swings, are rewarded abundantly, are cheered for and supported, where burnout is a myth and hustling is a curse you’re protected from.

Welcome to The Elemental Entrepreneurship Coven.

The Elemental Entrepreneurship Coven is part Hippy Wizard Business School, part highly effective group coaching container, part buzzing business community, part goal setting and accountability group, and 100% transformational.

If you’re trying to build a business on your own, or DIY it, you may buy tons of low-cost courses, learn from youtube, or download a million freebies.
But what if the experts you’re learning from contradict one another?
What if the $500 funnels course you took turned out to be way more advanced than you were ready for, because you don’t even have your brand fully in place yet?

It can be confusing to figure out what information you need when.

In Elemental Entrepreneurship we’ve thought of all that.

Inside the EE course material, you’ll find everything you need to build a 6 figure business (we’ve tested it with over 50 entrepreneurs, and it works).

Not sure how to set up your business money or what type of legal entity you should be?
It’s in here.

Not entirely clear on your ideal customer or niche?
We help with that too.

How about how to visually brand your company so that it conveys your vibe directly to your customer, without you saying a word? Yep, it’s in here.

What about how to create an offer, or price it? What about how to build a flexible, scalable product suite? Hiring a team? Management? Developing systems? Batching social media?
In here, in here, in here, in here.

Elemental Entrepreneurship was literally designed to replace every other business course you might need, all held in one consistent, tested, proven framework.

But we don’t just stop there — we also fill the gaps that nearly every other business course on the market misses: the inner work.

Topics like, "How do I deal with imposter syndrome?"

"What if I’m terrified to speak on camera?"

"What if I tend toward self-sabotage or procrastination?"

Because EE was created by someone who is both a certified business coach and a life coach, it takes a whole person approach to helping you build a successful intuitive business.

Elemental Entrepreneurship is full of valuable resources to help you address the emotional side of entrepreneurship as well as the practical side, and gives you usable proven tools to resource your nervous system as you venture into the unknowns of business building.

And because it was designed by a witch, you know we didn’t forget about the spiritual side.
Faith, spellwork, and collaboration with the invisible realms are a vital part of business strategy in the Elemental Entrepreneurship Universe.

...And that’s just the educational component!

Join The Coven
and start growing your heart-centered business TODAY!


We've covered the Educational component...but we don't stop there.


To flex your new skillset, you’ll need good coaching.


As you implement these tools in your business, questions will arise.
When you’re building your business all alone — who can you ask your questions to?

Inside the Coven you’ll also get bi-monthly group coaching calls with Cera, where you can get targeted coaching on whatever is coming up for you.

You’ll also get access to a private online coaching group where you can post questions as they arise, and get an answer from Cera, a support coach, or one of your peers in the Coven quickly.


And of course there’s the need for supportive community.


Building your business alone can be so isolating. Your friends and family may not really understand what you’re doing, or be helpful when you’re spinning out.

Inside the Coven there’s a built-in network of amazing people who get what you’re trying to do, because they’re all on the same path.

Your business doesn’t seem wild, outrageous, or weird in here!

We all get what it means to take risks, put ourselves out there, attempt the impossible, and go after our dreams.

If you need someone to brainstorm with, co-work with, bounce ideas off of, collaborate with, or test a product on, your fellow Coven members are just a click away.

Far from a tacked-on afterthought, this is an intentionally designed community space, which includes affinity groups for BIPOC, Black, LGBTQIA+, neurodivergent, and parent entrepreneurs, so you can always find support, content, and activities that support you. 

People are the center of this endeavor, and we know that we're capable of so much more when we collaborate and work together.


Need even more?


Let's add this to the valuable benefits of Coven membership:

The world of business is constantly changing.
Especially when it comes to digital marketing and social media.

It’s hard to know what new information to trust, or how to source it.

Every month, the Coven features a workshop on a new topic, frequently with a guest facilitator who’s been hand-selected to share their expertise.

Each of these workshops then lives in the membership library, where you can refer back to it at any time.

The Elemental Entrepreneurship Coven is a jam packed high level coaching container, a mastermind, a continuing education portal, a networking dream, and every business course you need to grow your business to 6 figures — all for just a couple hundred bucks a month.

“This is the most in depth and aligned process with tools you will keep using over and over again.”

- Alyce T.

“If anyone is on the fence about joining any of Cera’s offerings, jump on the other side and DO IT! …Elemental Entrepreneurship has been a game changer for my business and mindset. My business just secured contracts that required tons of paperwork and the back end of my business had to be in order, and it was thanks to Earth Element. And the cherry on top of the amazing program is Cera who offers the best balance of nurturing and firmness and fun. Thank you Cera!”

- Monica E.

“With {my pt job} closing I am now completely self-employed. I would never have had the bravery to do this on my own. {Elemental Entrepreneurship} gave me a business I have always wanted and was too afraid to pursue. It’s so scary but I’m not scared. The universe really handed this one to me. I trust her to support me. I hope to take all my advantages and privileges and use them for the betterment of all…It’s swim or drown, and I won’t drown.”


- Chelsea M.

Meet Your Coaches

I'm Cera (she/her)

Head Witch and founder of Intuitive Edge Coaching, and the creator of Elemental Entrepreneurship™.

This framework has now helped dozens of my clients create and/or restructure their businesses toward freedom, fun, and sustainable profit.

There is no rigid formula in Elemental Entrepreneurship, instead, an interlocking ecosystem of concepts that you can adapt and customize to your unique business.


I am a life coach and a business coach, as well as being a life-long artist. I created EE from the perspective that we are human first, practitioners of our craft second, and business owners third. The business must reflect you as a person, support you as a practitioner, and provide for you financially. It needs to be fun, creative, and intuitive, providing just the right amount of challenge, while fostering our growth, or we won’t stick to it!

In the Coven you will get all the support you need to build a successful business, in a way that's nurturing, holistic, anti-capitalist, sustainable, spiritual, and built on how real people think and feel while going through an experience that pushes the edges of their comfort zone.

I'm glad you're here. Thank you for trusting me to be your guide.

Arthur Robinson (No Pronouns, Call Me By My Name)

Coven Community Support Liaison & Restorative Justice Facilitator


Arthur Robinson (no pronouns, non-binary) is a Central Valley native here to help individuals who are on a journey to know themselves by facilitating a destination into honesty, transparency, vulnerability, authenticity, and accountability so they can find clarity around, confirmation on, and connection towards better relationships.

Along with three decades of lived experience and several years of online training, since 2020, Arthur's work has focused on addressing harm and trauma into opportunities for healing and greater liberation by building community and practicing liberatory education for marginalized people, particularly those in the greater Black, queer, neurodiverse, and disabled communities, through in-personal communication and community organizing through abolitionist theory, restorative justice, and transformative justice practices.

"Everything worthwhile is done with other people." - Mariame Kaba

"Through time and life, I found Cera, found this community, and so did you. I feel like the right people and the right things always enter your life when you least expect it. Then, right when you stop searching, that very thing finds you.

Happy to be here. And I'm so glad to help without a doubt."

When you step inside the Coven you will…

  • Get instant access to The COMPLETE Elemental Entrepreneurship Course Library to learn everything you need to build a thriving heart-centered business 
  • Fill knowledge gaps quickly with monthly trainings from Cera & her vetted community of guest experts who are THRIVING in the online business world so that you keep learning as the online business landscape changes
  • Get laser focused guidance & support with 2x monthly group coaching from Cera so nothing knocks you off track
  • Yearly, Quarterly, and Monthly visioning & planning sessions keep you on track and focused with your goals & tasks, so you always know what steps to take next
  • Gain Exclusive access to 90 minute 1-off coaching sessions or divinations with Cera (not available to the public), so that you can get focused, targeted support when you need it most
  • Exclusive access to a private Coven Coaching Community where you can ask questions, connect with other entrepreneurs, co-work, and network
  • Be part of a vibrant community of spirit-led entrepreneurs who are shifting culture and disrupting the status quo by changing the way business is done (goodbyeeeeee grind culture and exploitative business practices, hello cooperation and sustainability!)
  • Gain access to the invaluable EE referral network, where you can find your next vetted contractor, hire, team member, or collaborator

“Okay,” you may be thinking, “this all sounds great, but how much is it? I’m not making a ton in my business yet and I don’t have a lot to invest.”

My friend, that’s why we built the Coven!

This is the type of support you’d get in a high level group coaching container, for only a couple hundred bucks a month.

If you want to lock in annual membership — even if you opt for VIP where you get a 1:1 session with Cera every single month — it’s still a fraction of the cost of most high level group coaching programs.

We are committed to helping folks who are in the early stages of their business, are struggling to transition from freelancer to business owner, or haven’t seen the financial returns they’re looking for in their business yet.

As such, we’ve invested a lot of time in creating the most supportive container possible, at the most accessible price point possible, so that you can stay dialed in, focused, and nurtured every step of the way as you build your profitable heart-centered business.


$268/mo OR Join Annually for $2680 ($536 savings - 2 months FREE!)



Limited to 5 members at a time!  $768/month OR Join Annually for $8217 ($999 savings)


NEW Payment plan!

$134/every 2 weeks


Membership is 20% off for BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ folks, and single parents. Use code COVENSOLIDARITY at checkout.


Join The Coven TODAY to begin growing your heart-centered business!

Try It For Yourself Guarantee


You may be feeling a bit of hesitation. Doubt. Risk. That’s understandable.
"How do I know this will help me?”
Simple. Try it.

While there will only be specific times a year Coven doors open, when you join on the Monthly plan there is no long-term commitment for membership.

You can end your monthly membership at any time.

You can come in, get all the support you need, and organically flow out when you’re ready — or stay and hang out for the coaching & community!

The duration of your membership, and how involved you are, is entirely up to you.

The annual plan buys you 12 months inside the Coven with some savings, but if you’d like to try it for a month or two, join at the Monthly level, and if it’s not transformative for you, you can end your membership.

If that’s not enough...how about a FAST ACTING BONUS!?


The first 5 members to join will receive a FREE 60 minute 1:1 planning session with Cera to help you get crystal clear on exactly which steps you should be taking in your business over the next 3 months ($500 value)

“Cera, you really dive into the “Why” and the “Heart” of business. As a result, I’ve never felt more connected with my Purpose, my Destiny. I feel more at ease as a human, because I’m more aligned with my gifts and my medicine. You’ve helped me tap into myself.”

- Kim M.

“I’ve been through a couple of other entrepreneur trainings and they left me with a sense that something was missing, but I couldn’t figure out what that was. Elemental Entrepreneurship gives you real world tools to actually understand what you have to offer the world. Then it gives you the step by step guidance to deliver something you are legitimately thrilled to share. This works because you are woven into the structure of your business on every level. It is authentically you. It’s soul driven rather than just pushing you to cash in on people’s fears.”

- Alys T.

Let’s Recap, Shall we?

When you join The Elemental Entrepreneurship Coven you’ll get…

  • The educational support of all Elemental Entrepreneurship course material while you’re enrolled in the Coven
  • The coaching you need with twice monthly group coaching with Cera - and exclusive access to booking discounted 1:1 sessions when you want them
  • Ongoing inspiration through twice monthly workshops on emerging and cutting edge topics in business (and the emotional/spiritual side of building a business)
  • Yearly, Quarterly, and Monthly visioning & planning sessions keep you on track and focused with your goals & tasks
  • A vibrant community of likeminded heart-centered entrepreneurs who are always there to support you, network with you, co-work with you, and cheer for you as you grow

It’s anti-capitalist business school, a mastermind, business & life coaching, and a cool-ass club, all in one, for just a couple hundred bucks a month.


If you’ve read this far, then something in you is already certain that The Elemental Entrepreneurship Coven is just what you need to help you build the intentional sustainable business of your dreams.

Now we arrive at a crossroads.

You can stay a solo practitioner, working on your business dreams alone.

OR, you can join the Coven and start getting hands-on support, top notch education, high quality coaching, and vibrant community of peers to help you get farther, faster.

Which path you choose is entirely up to you. Both will have challenges, and rewards.

Take a moment now to place yourself on each path, and imagine your life 6 months down the road.

Which direction lights you up the most?

If Coven-life looks lit, join now, because the doors only open a few times a year, and founding member pricing won’t stick around forever.

If you’re still on the fence, remember that you can join at the monthly membership rate and leave anytime, with no long term commitment.

How fast you reach your goals is entirely up to you. But inside the Coven, we’ll do everything we can to help you win.


$268/mo OR Join Annually for $2860 ($536 Savings - 2 Months FREE!)



Limited to 5 members at a time! 
 OR Join Annually for $8217 ($999 savings)



$134/every 2 weeks


- Faelan Shiva, RoseOfVenus.com

In CASE There's Anything I Missed, Here are SOME Commonly Asked Questions!


There is no guarantee that by using the techniques and ideas in this material that you will earn money or have a specific outcome. We do not purport any of our products to be a “get rich quick” scheme. We cannot guarantee your success level or income level, nor are we responsible for any of your actions. Many factors are important in determining your actual experience and results, and no guarantees are made that your results will be similar to ours or the testimonials of our customers. in fact, no guarantees are made that you will achieve any results from the ideas and techniques in our material.

As with any coaching, course, or training, your results are determined by how you apply the material in your life.

What we can say is that a very high percentage of EE alumni are still in business and using the EE tools and frameworks actively in their profitable businesses, and there’s no reason you can’t succeed as well if you do the work!