When we close our eyes we may picture what our life will be like when we have everything we want - the business of our dreams, with the flexibility and freedom to enjoy our friends and families; the ability to travel and work from anywhere; financial independence and ease.

Everything we want, we want because we believe it will make us happier to have it. And we may be right! 
But what we are willing to do to attain those dreams, what we are willing to change, sacrifice, release, and endure in pursuit of making our dream a reality, is the difference between those who see their dreams come true, and those who sit on the sidelines, dreaming their lives away.

Dreams are beautiful. But growth? Growth is messy. Awkward. Sometimes painful. It includes grief as we release past versions of ourselves, and fear as we surrender into the unknown.
Growth requires change, and change, as we all know, can be quite challenging.

Are you ready for the challenge? 
In this Professional Growth Readiness Assessment you will have an opportunity to consider the risks - and the rewards - that will come with going all-in on your entrepreneurial dreams.

Far from fluff, the questions in this assessment are the type of real life coaching questions that I ask my private clients when they're getting ready to make bold moves.

Your willingness to get raw and real with yourself, to look at what's working and not working in your life; your willingness to be honest about the choices you're making, the relationships you're in; where you're thriving, where you're hiding; what your habits are and if they're serving you; your willingness to acknowledge what may not be able to come with you into your future, and how you'll say goodbye; that willingness is what determines if you're really ready to grow, or if you're satisfied to stay in the dream-phase, for now.

If you're ready to start having breakthroughs and preparing yourself for massive growth now, grab this beautiful, hard hitting 30 page guided journal, and get going.
I'll see you on the other side.
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