Do you feel taken for granted?


Do you struggle setting boundaries with the people in your life?

Do you find it difficult to say no to people?

Do you often find yourself burnt out from giving all of your time and energy to others, leaving no time for what you want to do?

Do you find yourself feeling resentful in relationships, like you give and give and no one gives you as much in return?

Do you find yourself feeling guilty or anxious to turn down an offer or invitation, or hate having to tell someone you're not available to do what they want you to do?

If any of these things sound like you - I feel you!

It’s Time For Main Character Energy

It's time to get comfortable setting boundaries, saying no, and feeling empowered to walk away from hurtful behavior in all areas of your life.





You'll completely change your relationship with saying no and setting boundaries, even with the most difficult people in your life. You'll learn to...

  • Understand why you may have lost access to your "no"
  • Redefine your relationship with saying no and learn to identify and speak your boundaries
  • Learn what to do with people who try to fight your boundaries or manipulate you out of saying no
  • Make setting boundaries feel safer in body by resourcing your nervous system

You deserve to have healthy, equitable relationships. Right now.



Do you feel lonely in your relationships? Do you feel like no one really sees you, appreciates you, or understands how much you do for them?

Do you feel sick to your stomach when you think about leaving relationships, even when people hurt your feelings or take advantage of your kindness?

Do you feel like you're a "really easy going" person, and it "takes a lot to piss you off," until you suddenly find yourself fed up and you blow up, or cut people off?

If you said yes to any of these, this program can help you.

In this course, you will uncover your personal boundary blocks, redefine what it means to say No, and create practical scripts for how to set boundaries in your real life.

You'll learn strategies for dealing with difficult people that you have to stay in contact with, as well as strategies for understanding when it's time to walk away or go No Contact in a relationship.

In addition to journal prompts,
the program also includes a guided meditation to help soothe your nervous system through the anxiety you may feel when you need to set a boundary, so that "no" feels safe in your body.

This blended approach of education, self-reflection, and embodied practice is the same toolset I use with all of my private coaching clients, and it gets RESULTS!


I'm a life and business coach, and I'm passionate about helping others live life on their own terms.

I struggled with boundaries for so much of my life, and I know I'm not alone.

Many of us were raised in families where we weren't allowed to have boundaries, or our boundaries weren't respected.

Many of us were raised to define our worth entirely by what we provide for others, and made to feel that it is what we do (not who we are) that makes us loveable. 

Living cut off from our ability to say no and set boundaries leaves us feeling like we aren't the main character of our own lives, and being sidelined like this hurts.

I want you to know, to your bones, that you are worthy of healthy, balanced, equitable relationships.

In this course it is my goal to help you not just know intellectually, but feel in your life, that it is safe and healthy for you to say no, disagree, and set boundaries with people in your life.


As a human being on earth, there is nothing you can do or not do that makes you less worthy of love, care, dignity, respect, and happiness. It's time you know that, and learn to act like it.




“The Art of Saying Yes Less was exactly what I needed to empower me again!! I even put my No in action today and for the first time in 11 years I'm not doing something for my son, boyfriend, work, or otherwise. I spent today at the gym, then a bath, some meditation, actually sitting down to eat and am now doing homework listening to music I love and burning palo santo. In the past I would have had a list of things to do to serve others instead of filling my cup and serving me. It feels so nice.”

— This testimonial was shared anonymously



  • Why your "no" is just as important as your "yes"
  • Understand self-abandonment, and learn how to stop leaving yourself to stay with others
  • Overcome all feelings of guilt, shame, and blame for setting boundaries
  • Get more comfortable hearing "no" from others and receiving boundaries from other people
  • Understand Codependency and learn to recognize the signs of a codependent relationship
  • Learn to identify what your boundaries are, and how to construct an effective boundary
  • Scripts for saying "No," and fill-in-the-blank prompts for speaking your boundaries to others
  • How to deal with persistent boundary violators, manipulators, and people who don't want you to say  "No"
  • Begin to shift from scarcity to abundance mindset with relationships (you don't have to be afraid that when you start setting boundaries you'll end up alone).

This program is packed with journal prompts to help you integrate your learning, and an embodiment meditation to help you make "No" feel safer in your body.


Get moreĀ comfortable saying no, setting boundaries, and feeling empowered to stand up for yourself in all of your relationships.

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  • Reclaim your sacred "no"
  • Making "no" safe in the body guided meditation
  • The Yes Detox Plan
  • Scripts for saying no in multiple situations
  • ToolsĀ to deal with habitual boundary crossers that you have to stay connected to

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