From Freelancer To CEO: Limited Podcast Series


There are 5 Big Differences in Mindset & Approach between being a Freelancer, Gig Worker, or Side Hustler, and Being a CEO or Business Owner.

I'm going to reveal all of them, as well as how my life and business completely transformed when I made the shift.

8 Episode On Demand 
Podcast Series.               

  1. B.C.(e.o.): What My Life Was Like Before I Made The Shift
  2. Freelancer Norm #1: "I Make Money."
  3. Norm #2: Trading Time For Money
  4. Norm #3: All The Money There Is, Is All The Money There Is
  5. Norm #4: I Do Everything Myself
  6. Norm #5: The Best Freelancers are Generalists
  7. The Inner Shi(f)t
  8. BONUS: The 6 Ways These Shifts Changed My Life


I shifted from a self-proclaimed "Scrappy DIY Arts Hustler" who could never save money or get ahead no matter how hard I worked, to being the CEO of a multiple-six-figure company.

If you're trapped in trading time for money, and realizing that you're running out of time to trade ...but you still need way more money coming in, you're not alone.

It turns out the things that make you great at freelance or gig work are the exact opposite of the ways to approach becoming a great CEO.

In this FREE limited podcast series, I'm going to break down the differences for you, and help you understand the inner and outer shifts you need to make to start building a business that gives you your time back, while boosting your bottom line.


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What People Are Saying:

Cera brought me to a whole 'nother level, not just with strategy, but my emotions and mindset around being a business owner. She's literally changed my *entire* life. Not just my business, but how I value and express myself in every avenue. You can't put a price on shifting your entire being. But she's worth every penny!

Kim Myers | CEO of Sensual Alchemy