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Elemental Foundations

A 12-week sprint to clarify and kick off your heart-centered, intuitive business.

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If you're "not ready" to start your business yet  

but you said that last year, and the year before, and the year before that...


Then maybe something needs to change!
Look, if you're not ready that's okay, but how do you plan to get ready?!

When I ask my community what is holding them back from joining my business coaching membership Elemental Entrepreneurship Coven, or what's stopping them from getting coaching for their small creative business,  here are the main things they say:

  • I don't know what my business is going to be yet, or what I'm gonna offer
  • I don't have a following, so I have no people to sell anything to
  • Cash is tight, and I need money coming in before I can make further investments into my business


These things make perfect sense, and they can be challenging to move through on your own, because you don't know what you don't know! 

I created this brand new offer exclusively for people who feel like they need to have these 3 things in place before they're ready to go all in on their heart-centered business. 

How do we lay a foundation?!


It's hard to start a business when you're not entirely sure what your business will be.

If you have a lot of skills and ideas, but aren't really sure yet which one to build on or how to structure them into a business, we have to clarify.

And there is a way to do that!

I'll lead you through it, this is where we start


Next you've gotta lock in on what I call your "MVO" — a Minimum Viable Offer.

Your MVO is the simplest, clearest offer you're ready to sell right now (and yes, there's something you're ready to sell right now).

Your MVO is something that you can launch right away to position your business and bring cash fast.

Market & Sell It

Once you know what your business is, and what you're going to sell, we have to let people know it exists!
I'll help you define a simple, aligned marketing strategy for your MVO and build it out.

This will allow you to create a pathway to introduce people to your new business, educate them about your new offer, and begin to build your customer base for this and future offers.

We'll end with a 20 day sales sprint, so you can bring money in before you leave the container.

Program Structure

The goal of this program is to get you unstuck, out of your endless "not-ready" rut, and help you experience quick wins and momentum.

To that end, the program is gonna be down and dirty, fast, and straight to the point.


The program will be delivered over 12 weeks, with a simple mix of live zoom calls & slack support between calls.


"Teaching calls" are where I will give you the information you need to make real moves in your business, and coach you through making decisions.

Office Hours/Support Check-in Call's are where you can ask questions, get coaching on sticky spots, or co-work.


Mondays, January 30th - April 24th, 2023
All calls will be at 5pm PST.

1/30 — Call 1: Clarify

This is a workshop to help us clarify WHAT you’re going to do in your business. Not every idea is for your business, and not every business idea is for right now. Hone in on what you want to act on.

2/6 — Office Hours / Support Check-in 

2/13 — Call 2: Minimum Viable Offer

Your MVO is an offer you can delivery quickly and easily that positions your new business, brings cash in quick, and helps you get out there and get experience in your new business (You'll define it, price it, decide on the tech/payment method, get it ready to go)

2/27 — Office Hours / Support Check-in 

3/6 — Marketing Strategy & Plan 

How am I gonna sell my MVO, and begin to build a list of potential customers?

3/20 —Office Hours / Support Check-in 

You’re going to set a sales goal for your MVO and do an active sales sprint for 20 days, bringing an influx of cash into your business and helping you feel momentum

4/24 — Closing Party & Review


Ready to get started?

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Monthly Payments


9 monthly payments

Let's go!

* BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, Single parents, and those navigating severe financial uncertainty
 (struggling to meet consistent monthly needs) are invited to take 20% off the program by using the code SOLIDARITY at checkout.
This is an honor system with no application or hoops to jump through. 

Please consider any privilege you hold (race, class, gender, generational wealth) when selecting your payment option.

Your ability to pay full price contributes to the collective and creates spaces for those who cannot.

I offer no interest payment plans to everyone.

If none of the above payment options work for you, contact me.

I offer reparative pricing to make coaching and support as accessible as possible for groups that have been historically marginalized and dis-included, especially within the coaching & wellness industries.

"Ready" is not a's a decision. 

More time can't make you ready. That's not times's yours. 

If you've been stuck in "I'm not ready" for months or years, thinking eventually readiness was just gonna hit you over the may be waiting forever.


If you want to activate readiness potential, you must determine the real reasons you're not ready, and address those reasons head on.


If you've been trying to do it on your own and it's not working, you deserve to get the help you need to get out of feeling stuck, and into forward motion.


I'm ready to GET READY.