Since 2018, I have been leading creatives, artists, movers, and healers, through the Elemental Entrepreneurship process. With each new round, the program reveals itself to me more deeply.

In Elemental we start with the belief that there is a more intuitive, gentle way to build a successful business, and grow from there. The people who have participated in the program (ahem, you!) are living testimonials for the magick of the framework.

Many of you have referred friends, colleagues, clients, and family members to me for coaching or to participate in Elemental, and I want to honor and celebrate that trust.


As I began crafting round 3 of the program, I knew I wanted to create a way for program alums to make money from referring people into the program.
No one can speak to the value of Elemental Entrepreneurship better than you!
To thank you for recommending people to EE, I have created this Affiliate program specifically for program alumni, my private clients, and those who have participated as guest experts in the container. 

Each affiliate will receive a unique share link to the Elemental Entrepreneurship 3.0 sales page. When someone signs up using your referral link, you can earn 5% of the total sale (up to $283.90, depending upon the rate they select). 

You will be provided with IG story graphics you can use, and if you'd like, you can book a 30 minute call with me to discuss ways you can promote the program to your network - or, you can do it all your own way. I trust you to know your people and what will resonate most with them.


To participate in the program, simply click through the form below, and follow the on-boarding steps - then promote away! 



IMPORTANT: Be sure to read the Affiliate Agreement and check the box in the form to agree to the terms and accept.