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T H I S  Y O U , B A E ?


  • You speak kindness, empowerment, and sweetness over the lives of everyone around you
    (but your inner dialogue is so harshly critical it would shock an insult comic).

  • You go above and beyond for the people in your life, you're constantly running here for this one, picking up after that one, cooking for this one, picking up an extra shift for that one, staying late for that one
    (but you can't find a moment to meal prep or do your laundry or exercise for yourself).

  • You're always there for your friends and loved ones, any time of day people know that you'd drop everything and rush over in a heartbeat if they needed you
    (but you can't remember the last time you spent true quality time doing something just to make yourself happy).

  • You spend money on the bills, the rent, the groceries, the car, the kids, and of course the obligatory birthdays and holidays and festivities for others
    (but your eyeliner is a year old and you tell yourself you don't need that candle or those flowers to brighten up your desk).

  • You're always there for a hug, a rub, a cuddle, to brush the hair out of the eye or kiss the skinned knee of those you love
    (meanwhile your skin hunger is off the charts, and you only touch yourself long enough to get lotion on your skin, and that's if you're lucky).


...In other words, all of your loving, caring, romantic effort, energy, and attention is pouring out of you constantly, and while you aren't sure who to even admit it to... you're starting to feel worn down.


You Can't Give From An Empty Cup

Look, a giver's gonna give, okay? You're a kind, loving, sensitive, empathetic person who wants to be there for the people in your life, and that's great.'re a person in your life, right? 

So maybe — just maybe — we could direct some of this beautiful giving energy to you for a bit.

That sounds right.

Join me for B.Y.O.B.
{Be Your Own Bae}

A week long guided self-love affair designed to reroute some of your glorious giving energy back to your sweet self, filling your cup, replenishing your spirit, and leaving you feeling bae AF.


The program couldn't be simpler. Just sign up, and check your email for a confirmation.

You'll immediately get an email breaking down all the instructions. 

Then you'll get an email each morning of the week, giving you a super cute BAE Mission to complete at some point during the day. Complete your daily mission, and pay attention to how it feels to give and receive sweetness to your self.

That's it!

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(email instructions will come from [email protected]).

You are the sweetest lover you've ever known  


And part of you knows it.
There are a lot of reasons we can forget, and a ton of different ways. It's not socially acceptable, not common, not polite.
"Selfish," some might say.... 

To dote on yourself. 

To love yourself unconditionally.

To speak positivity, encouragement, generous compliments over yourself, and your sacred body.

To set aside time to do nothing but enjoy your own company, without feeling guilt or pressure that there's something "more important" you should be doing (there isn't).


There is a part of you that is lonely for your own love and affection. And honestly, without it, everything is just harder than it needs to be. 

The manifestations take longer to manifest. The struggles are more of a struggle. 

People may give you side eye when they see you pouring love, affection, attention, and effort into yourself...but let them look.

What they're seeing is something they're sorely missing in their own lives as well, and seeing you claim it for yourself is healing for them (even if they're not ready to admit it yet).


Gift yourself a week of devoted affection.

What you discover in such a short period of time may surprise you.

I'm ready