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April 1st - June 30th, 2023



You want stuff. We all want stuff. 


✨ $10k a month flowing effortlessly into your bank account so that you can make plans for the future and easily cover your expenses.
✨ A new place to live with space for your hobbies, your plants, and your adorable pets or kids to play.
✨ A super hot lover who’s attentive and brings you coffee in bed, erasing all memories of the trash ex's in your past.
✨ To be so fully booked out with clients you have to start a waitlist, and you wake up every day feeling like you're changing peoples lives with your gifts and living your purpose.
✨ A new job, or a raise and promotion at your current one, so that you can finally feel like your paycheck matches the level of your expertise and contributions.

✨ A new car ‘cuz your current one is holding on by a wing and a prayer, giving you anxiety every time you sit behind the wheel.

...Yanno. STUFF.


In the woo-woo internet circles I run in we refer to Stuff We Want as things we’re “calling in,” or “attracting.”

The things we want to Manifest.


Frequently when there’s something we want to manifest, we get hyper focused on the What. 

We can also get very caught up on the How. 

We get into our heads. Our brain can kick into overdrive, hatching fiftyleven different pathways from here to there.
Or maybe we get caught up in the thought that we don’t know how to get the thing, and talk ourselves out of our what before we can even fully claim the object of our desire.

We know we want the stuff.
So we read the books, we listen to the podcasts, we pick up the manifestation tips and tricks, and we start writing the mantras. We start making the lists. Maybe we talk to people about the thing we want (or maybe we don’t, because we don’t want to “jinx” it.)


But the thing doesn’t seem to come. 


We find ourselves staying in the same situation day after day, week after week, year after year. Or maybe we have no problem manifesting in some areas of life, but we seem to be in a complete deadlock in others.

We think about the thing we want all the time. And we think about the problem of how to get from here to there. Maybe we even think about all the frustration or stuckness we feel about our ability to make it from here to there.

“I just don’t get it!”  You might catch yourself thinking, “I’m doing everything the Manifestation guru’s tell me to do. I’m thinking positively! I wrote a mantra that states that I have my thing in the present tense and I say it all the time. I express my gratitude for it! It’s just not coming! What in the fuzzy lumpkins is going on here!?”




But, the truth is…


We don’t manifest from our thinking.

We manifest from our feeling.


“Yup,” I can hear you saying on the other side of your screen, “I’ve heard all this before.”


I’m sure you have, but I’m about to bake your noodle:

Most of us have no idea what we’re really feeling while we’re thinking, because we’re not actually tapped into our bodies. 

We’re not feeling our feelings in real time. We are in our mental world, but not our sensual world — fully inhabiting the world of our earthly senses.

Be honest:

When you’re thinking about the thing you want - are you feeling the lush satisfaction of already having it, or are you feeling the sharp pang of its absence?

When you’re thinking about that consistent flow of $10,000 into your bank account, are you luxuriating in the feeling of ease and comfort as you take out your debit card to buy that new business laptop, or are you feeling a tight ball of anxious scarcity in your gut that has you backing up your hard drive every night and praying your current computer survives another mercury retrograde?

When you’re thinking about a steady stream of clients knocking down your door, are you feeling the calm peaceful security of knowing that you could handle any of life’s unexpected expensive curveballs, or are you feeling a gnawing anxiety that if you don't find another client soon, you may not have enough to cover next months expenses?


You can be thinking positively, but if you don't feel it in your body you're just slapping lipstick on a shitty-feeling pig — and you’re attracting from your feelings, so that's bad news.


You feel me?!




You may not know this about me, but I am a Manifestation Powerhouse.

I don’t really flex on the gram about it, because teaching Manifestation hasn’t really been my bag — but in my real life, my friends frequently ask me, “How the fuck did you get that!?”

(Ask me about the time I manifested my dream house in 3 weeks, moved in exactly 30 days from the day I saw it, and didn’t tell anyone online about it until I had moved in.)

As a life-long dancer and movement instructor with over 20 years of experience, it hadn’t occurred to me until recently that my hack for being a Super Attractor — my secret manifestation weapon — is Movement.

Especially movement done to music (because nothing can change our mood faster than music, ammirite!?)

Specifically, Daily Sensual Movement Practice.

Yes — moving every day connects me to my real feelings, and feelings supercharge manifestation.

What is Sensual Movement you might ask?



Well, for me, it’s any movement performed specifically to help me cultivate a specific set of feelings in my body (vs. movement done to look a certain way in the mirror, or affect my body's size or shape).

When I’m moving, really moving, fully occupying my body, especially while vibing to perfect music, I’m not thinking. (Or if I am, I’m thinking about how great I feel, or how bomb I am, because movement hypes me up like that.)

Using movement and music is a direct plug to a feeling state — any feeling state you want. 


Need to process some grief from a recent personal loss? 

Throw on the saddest song you know and writhe on the floor in anguish. 

Need to move some rage from the 24 hour news cycle? 

Throw on some metal and beat the living hell out of a couch cushion while you primal scream for your life (sorry neighbors). 

Need to feel bossy and powerful before giving a big presentation? 

Throw on a Ru-Paul anthem and supermodel pump down the runway of your hall.

Need to feel strong and invincible before a boundary conversation with a friend? 

Throw on something driving and lift some weight.

Maybe you’ve already experienced this in your own life. Maybe HIIT class at your gym has become the place you find the most mental clarity when life feels confusing, or you regularly slow dance in your kitchen to release the pain of your last breakup, or put on City Girls and throw ass to hype yourself up before making a pitch to a potential new client. 

If so, then you already know the feeling-shifting super power of movement.

If not, then adopting The Sensual Movement Manifestation Practice is going to be an even bigger game changer for your life.


Are you already starting to see how these two things — Manifestation & Sensual Movement — fit together?

(Slow down, smarty pants, I bet you predict the ends of movies too 😝)

The steady stream of clients, the abundant non-stop cash flow, the attentive lover, the brand new car, the dream house with plenty of space - these things you want so badly? The things you’re calling in?
You don’t want them because you want them.
You want them because of how you think you’ll feel when you have them.


In fact, everything we want in life, we want because we think it will make us feel a certain way to have it.
It’s the feeling we’re really after.


Do we want to bring in $10k a month, or do we want to feel safe, secure, and like we have freedom with our time?

Do we want 10 more clients, or do we want to feel thriving, impactful, capable, and proud?


The thing we want has a feeling attached to it, and it’s the feeling we desire more than anything.


And since we attract from our feeling and not our thinking, the fastest way to make our manifestations move is to spend less time thinking about what we want, and more time feeling the way we think we’ll feel when we have it.


And what’s the fastest way to get into that feeling?

You've been paying attention!

It's getting out of your overthinking head spiral, turning on some music, and dropping into what's going on in your body.


(How’s that for tying it all together in a shiny ribbon, huh?)

Join me for Round 4 of the
90 Day Sensual Movement Manifestation Challenge

April 1st - June 30th, 2023

This is like no other challenge I’ve seen online, so I am betting it’s like nothing you’ve ever tried before.


And participating couldn’t be simpler: All you’re going to do is commit yourself to 90 days of practicing my Sensual Movement Manifestation Formula for a minimum of 1 song, or 3-5 minutes a day. 


You’ll set your intention, track your progress, practice in community with friends, and watch what happens in your life over 90 days. 


That's It!

Or 3 Payments of $33.33

When you supercharge your manifestation powers by joining the challenge, here’s what you’ll get:


  • The Sensual Movement Manifestation Formula - a step by step recipe for your practice.
  • 3 LIVE 90 minute Movement Experiences with Cera on Zoom (no movement experience necessary, all levels welcome).
  • A 90 Day Countdown Print-out, so you can give yourself a gold star for every day of practice.
  • Weekly journal prompts.
  • A private Facebook Group for members to share their practice insights and miracle experiences.
  • Some BOMB ass Spotify Playlists.


Live Calls:  

  • 4/1, 11am PST Opening Circle & Guided Movement Experience 1
  • 4/30, 11am PST: Guided Movement Experience 2
  • 6/3, 11am PST: Guided Movement Experience 3
  • All calls will be recorded and saved to our Facebook group for replay



Now - we’re calling this a challenge, and it wouldn’t be a challenge if there wasn’t…yanno. A challenge.. 


So here’s the challenge: 

You gotta do it every day for 90 days.

When we do this challenge, we find something that on the surface seems surprising: There are some days we don’t feel like feeling good.

There are days we don’t feel like getting out of our head, tapping into our bodies, sourcing pleasure, experiencing our senses.

It sounds wild, right?

Who doesn’t want pleasure?

Well. We don’t, sometimes.

Momentum can convince us to stay up in our heads, mired in our thoughts, glued to our laptops, stressed over what is or isn’t showing up in our current experience.

We have a lifetime of programming telling us we have to think our way out of our problems, that pleasure is for later, when all the problems are solved.

Making the active choice to set aside what our stress-brain is obsessing over to tap into our body instead can sometimes seem like a herculean effort. And on those days, changing into an outfit that makes you feel good, putting on some music that lifts your spirits, and getting into a movement practice sounds like rolling a boulder up a mountain. On those days, prioritizing senses and pleasure feels like a chore (even though we know it'll feel great when we're done). 
That’s where the practice becomes a challenge.

And so, to spice up the challenge, we’re gonna throw in some prizes!


If you are not motivated by prizes, you do not have to participate in the prize portion of the challenge. But if you are, then this is for you.

To qualify to win prizes in the challenge, all you have to do is share a video of your practice every day in our private facebook group (it can be a hyper-lapse of your practice, or a short snippet, just to show that you did it).

At the end of 90 days, those who shared a video every day will be entered into a drawing to win a prize. 

There will be 5 prizes available:

 1. CASH (so if you’re manifesting a lil extra money, it may come to you that way!)

2. A 2 hour coaching session with Cera ($500 value)

3. A Sensual Alchemy Ritual Kit by Kim Myers ($55 value)

4. One of Cera's GA/CA (Gratitude, Affirmation, Credit, Appreciation) morning/evening journals ($39 Value)

5. A 60 Minute Tarot or Bone Divination from Nicole Renee of The Divine Eye ($120 value)


Are you in?

I'M IN! - ONLY $90
Or 3 Payments of $33.33

The challenge is 90 Days, and your investment is $1 per day.


You’re putting in that dollar a day as a commitment to yourself, and to your practice. It’s a bit of “skin in the game,” as they say. It’s a very small amount of cash. What you can potentially get out of your participation is priceless.

Committing to doing any personal development practice daily, and then seeing that commitment through to the end, is transformational on it’s own. 

If you’re the kind of person who has struggled in the past to stick to any daily practice you set for yourself, your participation in this challenge may be a turning point. 


The Sensual Movement Manifestation Formula is simple, it feels good, and it doesn’t take much time. It’s designed to give you a feeling of success, a “quick win” that you can be proud of. That feeling of success compounds with every day you do the practice, increasing your self esteem, gaining positive momentum in your life. 


You start to think, “If I can stick to this, what else can I stick to?”


You’ll also find that the more you do it, the better you feel, and the better you feel, the more positive people, experiences, and events - the more miracles and synchronicities - start to appear.

You’ll begin to notice that the more you set aside time to cultivate your emotions toward a positive feeling, the more quickly you notice when your emotions slip into less-pleasant feelings. You’ll feel more capable of deliberately choosing and shifting your emotions in the direction of your choosing, and have a tool to help you do so.

Engaging in this simple daily practice has the potential to be the basis for profound change in your life.

But you need to join now.

Registration closes on March 31st at 11:59pm PST, and 

the challenge begins April 1st.


Here are some frequently asked questions



There is no guarantee that by using the techniques and ideas in this material that you will earn money or have a specific outcome. We do not purport any of our products to be a “get rich quick” scheme. We cannot guarantee your success level or income level, nor are we responsible for any of your actions. Many factors are important in determining your actual experience and results, and no guarantees are made that your results will be similar to ours or the testimonials of our customers. In fact, no guarantees are made that you will achieve any results from the ideas and techniques in our material. 


Your results are up to you. 


Please consult with your physician before taking on any new movement program. I am not a doctor.